Monday, October 22, 2007

Heyya Period 1&2,
this is what today’s lesson was all about!

We talked about the growth of populations on Earth and the effect they have on our planet. We learned that the Logistic rate of growth can grow exponentially but it is it impossible for it to increase exponentially forever. The logistic rate of growth illustrates the # of organisms in a given environment over time. The variable (K) is used to represent the Carrying Capacity (maximum population the environment can support with no degradation of habitat) and the variable (N), to show the number of individuals in a population. Without natural factors the population would keep increasing exponentially thus exceeding the carrying capacity and devastating the environment and ecosystem. Factors reducing rate of growth as an environment approaches the carrying capacity are but not limited to, competition for resources, mates, nesting sites, disease etc.

The Carrying Capacity (K) can also be altered through changes in an environment. Population Cycles and good years of vegetation or prey can yield increase in population of other organisms. Also this could be reversed. For example in years of drought and lack of resources populations can drop effecting predator prey interaction.

We then proceeded to talk about Human Population growth.

Population growth of humans can be attributed to advances in science and medicine as well as technology and industry. In the year 2005 there were over 6 Billion people on earth and alone china and India held 1/3 of the world’s population. If we continue on like this(82million per year) it is my belief we will reach our carrying capacity.

Developing countries have a higher fertility rate than that of developed countries (90% of births are in these developing countries) to lessen this increase we can educate people to make the decision to not have as many kids.
If people were educated I believe we could curb this increase and
even lessen population growth in the years to come.

An Ecological Footprint (EF) is how much an
individual effects the environment.
It compares human consumption of natural resources with planet Earth's ecological capacity to regenerate them.

Finally in response to todays lesson I feel that its our duty as individuals
on this green earth to help stop the injustices done to the enviorment..

As Captain Planet and the Planeteers say "The Power Is Yours!"

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KB Foglia said...

And remember... in the words of another great superhero "With great power comes great responsibility."