Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Evidence of Evolution

Hi, here are some key points we should have picked up from today's lecture

-Evolution is among us and there is alot of proof
-Fossil records of transition species
-Similar embryologic developement
-Similar protien and DNA sequences
-Fossil records show us the ancestral species to today's organisms and how adaptations have slowly changed the population
-They can also show common ansestry in extremely different organisms today, The wrist bone in several mammals are the same to show relation

-Analogous structures
-similar parts of organisms in terms of use but have different internal structure and origin
-NO evolutionary relationship, the species just had similar solutions for similar problems

-Parallel Evolution
-a species fills similar ecological roles in similar environments, so similar adaptations were selected
-not closely related
ex: marsupials in australia and placental mammals elsewhere
-Common ancester millions of years ago, but once separated evolved differently

Hope this helps clear things up!

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