Monday, September 17, 2007

Sexual Selection

Hello there. This is Ryan and I'm going to teach you about sexual selection. Sexual Selection is a part of natural selection. Sexual selection is one way that nature weeds out those unfit to live. Those who are best fit to live will survive, and go on to reproduce. First how a mate is picked. The female usually picks the mate. Why you might ask? Well the female has to sit home and nurture the young, while in many cases the male is planting his seed in other places (if you know What I mean) They protect the young , and if its an egg they sit on it, or if it is a placental organism they also have to give it nutrients. The males of the animal kingdom have many features that can make them attractive to women. As shown in the image above from "The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex" by Charles Darwin the ornate Tufted Coquette on the right is the male, and he is trying to attract the female. Charles Darwin...What a guy.

A classic sample of the "pretty" males in animal society is the Peacock. The Peahen will choose the Peacock with the most beautiful plumage. This is an example of Koinophilia. Koinophilia is when sexually active organisms prefer mates with a preponderance of common or average features. Another reason for the fancy train on the peacock is to distract predators. Predators see the fancy feathers and think they are a weak female, and when they see the drab brown peahen they mistake them for males.

The lion's mane is another sexual attractant. In the lion kingdom Mane's are the main thing. A female will pick her mate based on a lion's mane. At first when females picked the lion's with the biggest mane's it wasn't if that lion would be a good food survivor, or would it be good in protecting the family. It just so happened that it worked out. The longer, thicker and darker a males mane was correlates with the testosterone levels in that lion. It also mean the lion has good health, more muscles and aggression, better(more fertile) sperm, and a longer life. This made them much better mates.

One species that live in Panama, and other parts of South America is the Jacanas. The female Jacanas is a pimp in the animal world. She has many males impregnate her and she lays eggs all over ponds. She must do this so that the species will live on because the ponds were they lay eggs are swarming with crocodiles. So she has all the fathers sit on the eggs. and eventually many will hatch.

The offspring gets the behavior and morphology, and the traits that get you mate passed on from the parents. So if your parents are ugly troll-like creatures you most likely belong under a bridge.

Here are some pictures of other animals with features that make them sexy

These fiddler crabs are chosen by the size of there claws. During mating season the male crab will either pick his claw up in the air and wave or slam it on the ground to attract females.

HOLY ANOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This bad boy makes his throat look like a strawberry, and the females would like to get a piece of that if you know what I mean.

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