Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Immune system

3rd line of defense in your immune system

the last say in the immune systems defense is lymphocytes.

B cells and T cells recognize the foreign antigens. B cells get their name because they're matured in the bonemarrow.
T cells get their name because....

So moving away from that...
B cells floating in blood and lymph check out antigens(the protein coat to identify cells) at random.
should they happen to find some one they dont recognize, or better yet DO recognize as a hazard, they release
the antibodies.
Antibodies stick to the foreign cell to slow it down acting as shackles.... but more acurately like...

thats right...net guns

Once officially "netted" T cells call in the macrophages, and from there... its good game pathogen

B cells keep memeory of every antigen, so when it comes around again they know just how to fight back.

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