Monday, January 7, 2008


All animals need to consume food to live. Oxygen and some sort of food source are needed for animals to grow. The raw materials are gained through eating and the oxygen is used in respiration which makes the energy needed for the synthesis of those raw materials into larger molecules.

Animals get their food in four different ways-

~Bulk Feeding~

Bulk Feeding is cosuming large concentrated portions of your food source.

~Fluid Feeding~

This is when organisms get theier nutrients from a liquid like blood or sap.

~Substrate Feeding~

Substrate feeding is when the organism spends part of its' life living in its food source.

~Filter Feeding~
This mode envloves the intake of huge amounts of your food source straight out of the environment.

Your digestive system is basically a really long tube where food products are broken down and the needed parts are absorbed the rest excreted as extracellular waste because it never actually entered your cells.

Food is pushed through the digestive track by involuntary muscle contractions known as peristalsis. According to Paige this is like an utter.

Digestion starts with Ingestion

Swallowing starts off the process the epiglottis (cartilage flap) closes securing itslef over your trachea preventing food from "going down the wrong pipe". Waves of muscle push the food towards the stomach which is where we finished our lesson.

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